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Again the bell and again you and your opponent.
So evenly matched it’s impossible to see your opponent is you ...
Joyce Carol Oates

Every boxing match is a story, a drama without words, unique and very condensed. This does not mean that it has no text or language, that it is brutal, primitive or unable to express anything, but that the text is improvised in action... The words of the commentators on the edge the ring give this show narrative unity, nevertheless, boxing as a performance is much more akin to dance or music than to that narration.

SOULCORNER is a solo but paradoxically speaks of the adversary. Basically, a fight needs an opponent. The absence of an opponent is one of the essential aspects of this show. This absence is significant. This invisible, obscured, insubstantial and immaterial adversary (important/essential), becomes an antagonist and an accomplice. The opponent, who appears and disappears, who is found in several forms, several vectors of existence, appears through different actions, through a drawing, with the appearance of a mask which then builds itself up to become a Totem.

SOULCORNER questions the real motives of the struggle. To whom is it really directed? Spectators will find their own answers, their own solutions. We need a ghost to help us discover reality with this oscillatory dynamic between consistencies and inconsistencies… In an abstract ring, a disturbing and mysterious space, a plural woman evolves, on a quest to find this inner adversary. Glove, chalk, bandage, stool, ropes... Boxing decorum is stripped and reinvested.

SOULCORNER is a 45 minute show where movement, balance, song, manipulation and fight mingle... In a series of scenes where this polymorphic woman evolves, with the ghost(s) of her opponent.

I am a dancer, I am a circusartist, I am German, I am a woman...

I am an author and performer of SOULCORNER that goes beyond these categorisations; the writing and staging of this show were nourished by my experiences and my desires which are stored in the corner of my soul...

My childhood was bathed in the world of craft and this rapidly promoted my fascination for manual production, specifically carpentry; studying art was a logical continuity. Objects, material, the costumes that I think up and design for my shows are such solid elements for narration. The use of voice as a constituent of storytelling meets the same logic, the same evidence. Singer in a female rock group at age 18, I finally granted my wish to inject singing in creating shows with “Pleurage et Scintillement” 20 years later, and again today with SOULCORNER.

The trigger for the creation of SOULCORNER was the discovery of Joyce Carol Oates’ book entitled “De la Boxe”. This writer opened a door for me, she found the words that I wish to express with my tools, my body; to translate my connection to this sport I am passionate about: boxing.

As a child, Mohammed Ali was my hero, my idol... I was fascinated by this huge athlete who knew how to make boxing a means of expression, depicting the battle well beyond the boundaries of the ring. Like him, I believe that „the boxing match is the image of collective aggression“; but boxing for me is also strangely beautiful, emotionally captivating and absolutely physical. In SOULCORNER, I wish to express these divergent impressions and translate their poetry with my own weapons…

The painter Paul Klee is one of the most important artists for me. I admire him for his graphic approach to minimalism and accuracy concerning the essentials. He refines, until the major becomes visible. I registered the same approach when writing SOULCORNER.

Julia Christ




Soulcorner is carried by Circo Aereo/Jani Nuutinen & the W/Jean-Baptiste André Association.

Julia Christ is supported by CircusNext, European scheme coordinated by Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe, supported by the European Commission and Transfabrik with the W/Jean-Baptiste André Association; and from aid companionship with the DGCA et the DRAC Limousin with Circo Aereo/Jani Nuutinen.


Le Sirque – National Pole Circus of Nexon (Limousin, FR)


  • Espace Périphérique (Ville de Paris-Parc de la Villette, FR)
  • Théâtre de l’Agora, scène nationale d’Evry Essonne (Evry, FR)
  • Katakomben (Berlin, DE)
  • Espace Catastrophe (Brussels, BE)
  • La brèche, Pôle national des arts du cirque de Basse-Normandie (Cherbourg-Octeville, FR)
  • Le Sirque, Pôle national des arts du cirque (Nexon, FR)
  • Subtopia (Norsborg, SE)
  • La Mégisserie, Scène conventionnée pour les arts, les imaginair (Saint-Junien, FR)
  • Circus Akademie Cabuwazi, Grenzkultur gGmbh (Berlin, DE)

Thanks to La Muse en Circuit, National center of musical creation (Alfortville, FR) and Théâtre de l’Union – National arts center for theater (Limoges, FR)

team & contact


  • Julia Christ: performance, design, scenography
  • Michel Cerda/Cie Le Vardaman: dramaturgy
  • Muriel Pierre: accomplice
  • Catherine Semat: dramaturgical monitor
  • Guilhem Lacroux: musical creation
  • Jérémie Cusenier: light and stage management
  • Charlotte Gillard: costumes
  • Frédéric Peugeot: sound

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